Jet Ski Finance Calculator

Personal Watercraft (PWCS) - Jet Skis, Sea Doos and Waverunners are available in a range of models with prices ranging from $5,500 to around $20,000+. If price is going to be the key determining factor to your purchase decision, it will no doubt be helpful to know how that price tags converts to monthly repayments on a loan. Enter – the Jet Ski Finance Calculator to assist.

We realise that Jet Ski is Kawasaki’s brand name, but the term ‘jet ski’ has become so synonymous with PWCs in general, that Jet Ski Finance Calculators refer to all types of PWCs. These calculators are an online function and can be accessed on the websites of most companies that offer loans for jet skis and other PWCs.

Whenever and wherever and from whatever device you have an online connection you can use a Jet Ski Finance Calculator.


Easy Functionality

They operate like most online forms with fields where you enter data.

  • In the loan amount field, enter the price of the PWC you have your eye on.
  • In the loan term field, enter how many months/years you’d like to repay the loan.
  • Interest rate field – enter the interest rate currently being advertised by the website owner.
  • Click on the calculate icon and instantly you have a rough ballpark estimate of monthly repayments for that particular jet ski
  • To compare what another one would cost, just enter the purchase price for that unit.

The Jet Ski Finance Calculator is a really great tool for comparing possible repayments on the different models, really handy to seeing how options and upgrades may affect the repayment level and helping you decide on the jet ski that is right for you.



  • There are a few things to keep in mind in using a jet ski finance calculator. It is a generic device and as you can probably quickly realise, it does not have the capability to take into account specific issues – positive or not – around your individual loan application. The repayment amount you are offered may be less or more than the estimate.
  • It also can’t allow for fees and charges applied by individual lenders and it’s no firm quote or acceptance and approval of your loan application.
  • But it’s a great tool to use when shopping for a new jet ski – when the information is used properly. That is as a guide and rough ballpark estimate.

We can direct you to a jet ski finance calculator that you can use, free of charge and with no obligation. Contact us and we’ll send you the link.