Get Your Boat Loan Approved!

The end result of every boat loan is to have your loan application approved so you can proceed with the boat purchase. The loan application and approval process can be hassle-free if you know how to approach it and who to work with.

Essentially there are number of aspects to consider:

  • Getting your application approved for the terms and conditions that suit you.
  • Getting a quick approval on your loan application so you can move quickly to capture a great boat deal.
  • Getting approved if you have already been rejected by another lender and/or you have no docs, low docs or credit issues.


Well-presented Application

To ensure you achieve the terms and conditions you want and your application is processed in a timely manner, it’s advisable to be well-organised. Have your paperwork, income records and other documentation at hand so you can complete the application thoroughly.

A finance broker will be able to greatly assist you in this regard.


Well-presented Application

A lot of lenders advertise ‘quick approvals’ and with all offers, looking into the details.

Ensure the ‘approval’ is a formal offer of a loan and not just a tentative approval.

A finance broker will handle the entire loan process for you and is best placed to ensure your application is approved quickly.



Pre-approved Loans

Organising your loan right through to approvals stage before you commit to a boat purchase can be an astute move.

You apply for a boat loan based on a price range rather than for the purchase of a specific boat.

The lender processes your application through to the full approvals stage so you know your finance is approved and can move confidently forward with committing to a purchase.

No Docs Low Docs Approvals

If you’ve been rejected for a loan from a bank or a lender, working with a finance broker may present you with a better chance of securing a boat loan.

Brokers have contacts with lenders that they know are prepared to offer loans to applicants with credit issues.

We can provide you with contact details for a finance broker who can work to assist you with a quick loan approval.