Boat Finance Calculator

A boat finance calculator enables you to calculate estimated monthly repayments on boat loans yourself. You don’t have to buy a special calculator or have any special skills. The boat loan calculator is an online resource which is accessed on websites of companies that offer boat loans.

Some banks and finance companies offer boat loans and may display a boat loan calculator. Finance brokers that specialise in marine finance and boat loans are extremely likely to conveniently provide a boat loan calculator on their website.

Easy to Use, Free to Access

As a boat finance calculator is accessible via websites, most are freely available to use by anyone who visits that website. Usually no log-in or sign-up is required. Most are also mobile-friendly. If you have online access on your phone or tablet, you should be able to access a boat loan calculator in addition to using it on your laptop or desktop computer.
If you’ve ever used an online form, which most people have, then you’ll easily be able to use an online boat finance calculator.

How to Use

  • These calculators are set-out in a widely-accepted online form design. The fields where you enter data are clearly marked.
  • The first information required is usually the loan amount. Some lenders may require you to pay a deposit on your boat loan and/or you may elect to do so yourself. In the loan amount field, you can enter your choice of either the full purchase price of the boat or the price less whatever deposit you may choose to pay.
  • Next will be the loan term. Some lenders will have maximum terms for boat loans, depending on the age and condition of the boat, the amount being borrowed and possibly your individual application. But for the purpose of receiving an estimate, you can enter an average loan term or the number or months/years you would ideally like to repay the loan. For example, 4 or 5 years, 48 or 60 months would be the usual term for a personal boat loan. For commercial boat finance, the term may be up to 7 years.
  • Your will then need to enter the interest rate. This will be displayed on the same website. The interest rate for personal (consumer) and commercial (business) loans usually vary. Make sure you select the correct rate.
  • There will also be a field for ‘balloon/residual’. This only relates to commercial finance, not personal boat loans. If your boat is for business, enter the value of the balloon you would like.
  • Then all you need is to click on the button to CALCULATE and an estimated monthly repayment, based on the values you entered will appear.
  • If it is more or less than you anticipated – change the loan amount or loan term and you’ll see how that changes the repayment amount.

To compare repayments on any number of boats, just enter the values for that boat. But be aware, this is only an estimate, a rough ballpark. It is not a firm quote, not a sign that your application has been accepted and not a commitment to offer you a boat loan. This function also does not have the ability to predict the fees and charges which an individual lender will apply to your loan.

But it’s a great tool to assist you in the boat buying process.


We can direct you to a handy boat finance calculator that you can use, free of charge and with no obligation. Contact us and we’ll send you the link.