Boating and water sports are extremely popular in Australia so it’s hardly surprising that many people are interested in owning their own boat. For those that already do own a boat, they always seem to be looking at what’s new on the market and making plans to trade-up to a bigger, better model.

If that’s you, what’s stopping you? The most common answer to that question is money. Or more specifically, affordability. While the boating scene is clear for all to see, the finance and loans sector is not as well-defined and easy to navigate. A lot of people put off the decision to proceed with buying that much-wanted boat because they are not aware of the cheap loan options available to them and how to go about sourcing them.

We’re focussing on boat finance – both personal boat loans commercial marine finance – to provide information that you can use to access a great loan to buy your boat. We’ll also give you tips and hints on finding out what your possible monthly repayments might be, before you even start talking to the seller or dealer.